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Build Your Traffic Exchange Downlines

ImageBuilding your downlines in traffic exchanges is simple really. It’s a matter of promoting multiple downlines with one link. For instance, instead of promoting only one TE splash page or squeeze page, you might consider using your blog to promote a few different traffic exchanges on one page. This way you can get more page views, showing more options, for people to consider. Remember, they are already trying to sell something. They don’t really want your product. However, you can help them grow their own business with free tips and business building tools. ┬áLet this be your focus and hundreds of people will join your list. It never fails. You’re helping them help themselves.

Also place the code to your auto-responder in the side bar or in the post itself. You don’t want the post to be too lengthy, but chock full of information with which surfers can identify and use to help promote themselves or their brand. When you give them some good info, they are going to be interested in hearing more from you. They will be very likely to join your list.

You want your blog to look as nice as possible. Do NOT just throw it together. Eye appeal is half the battle in marketing online. Choose the nicest banners and blog apps and place them neatly on the page, so as to grab the full attention of traffic exchange surfers. If you can get them to stop for a second, they are likely to read, see what you have to say and join your list.

Place relevant links in the post, so as to capture the attention of the readers and invite them to join one or two of your favorite traffic exchange resources. Of course the goal is to get their email address, so you can promote all of them in an email series. With the email series, you can promote to them permanently. Plus, you can use html ads and promote on the back end of your campaign and never have to worry about not being able to reach them in the future.

These are simple yet specific instructions on how to win people over to your list and promote your downlines to them. You don’t just want them in your list, you want them actively surfing with you in all your favorite TE’s. This is how you gain residual traffic and income. When they are surfing, you are getting free traffic. When they upgrade, you earn commissions. It’s a win win here.

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