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What Is Surf Business

Surf Business is passive online business, that makes it’s way to success through link popularity, or website propagation. A website begins to develop natural traffic as we draw attention to that site through website content. Writing articles about your favorite affiliate site in a blog, like WordPress or a social network like Facebook, allows indexed exposure to your affiliate link.  We must create our own place in cyberspace and nothing else influences that space, but the content we create and it’s relevance to what we are trying to share.

Apart from website promotion, which improves seo, but takes time, we can also attract people to our pages through direct exposure in traffic generation websites, like traffic exchanges, safelists and text ad exchanges.  Here we view other websites by a site rotator and receive credits, so that others will view our site as well. In these kinds of sites, we need to promote traffic resources, in order to help others promote their own sites more efficiently. The reason for this is simple. People are promoting THEIR business, not yours; so you want to promote other traffic resources, to help them promote what they are already selling. Promoting other traffic resources improves traffic generation capacity in those traffic sites.


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