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Creating Brands Online

Many brands were born online and have always been there. We may feel like it’s not possible to start a legitimate business on the internet, but creating brands online is more common than NOT creating them online. Of course until you learn to promote your brand, it will seem insignificant in an ocean of failing sites, covered beneath boundless waves of deep, endless cyberspace. I’m no stranger to that reality. I know what it’s like to surf for hours and hours, days and days, weeks and weeks…without any results!

Simply create a new google account and go to Google+. There, click on “Communities”, then select one that seems most like a place where people would want to read about your brand. The first community I joined was “Entrepreneurs, Self Employed and Small Business”. Look at the posts and the members and begin following others, who you feel are like minded to yourself. You can sometimes tell their experience level simply by their picture or their description. I add people who’s description says internet marketer or online business.

After a few minutes, if you click “People” Google will make suggestions based on your previous selections. Continue adding, but do not deviate from from your selection type and don’t over do it. If you add too many, you’ll be inundated with a flood of posts, to all of which you’ll never reply. To start out I recommend adding around 50 people; between 10 to 15 professionals and 30 to 35 novice or beginners. It’s good to gather your beginners from the followers of professionals. Don’t worry, you’ll know the professionals.

If you haven’t begun blogging, now is a good time. I recommend Blogger and WordPress to begin with; because after people start adding you back, that’s when you want to lead them to posts about your online business. Of course you’ll need to go to Google+ “Settings”. On the “Google+” navigation tab, at the top of the page you’ll see a heading saying, “Who can interact with your posts” change these settings to “Anyone”. Then “scroll” all the way down to “Your Circles” and customize that setting to include “followers” This will notify anyone who follows you back of your most recent updates. VERY POWERFUL!!!

I keep my Google+ profile as my homepage, so that I can see who’s posting or who’s adding me. When they post, there will be a link to their blog or website. Go to that post, read it and comment on it, so as to leave your keyword backlink in their comment section. In the place where your name goes, put your brand name ie. Build YOUR Brand. This will create a nice back link to your blogpost. Then share “HIS” post in Google+. He will be grateful and you’ll have a fresh backlink to your chosen site or blog. Write blog posts every day and share them on your Google+ profile. This will lead traffic to your site and eventually a viral traffic as well.

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