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A Concerned McDonalds Representative

My name is Paul Germana. I am a concerned, Independant McDonalds Representative. I spent 15 years working for McDonalds as a crew person and as a manager. Lets just say I’ve seen it all and I know there is a continuing need for concern, awareness and interaction on the part of management and the public.

There are standards which McDonalds stores are expected to uphold. If you see any failure to meet lawful requirements or health standards in YOUR local McDonalds contact me and I’ll make sure responsible parties are held accountable for their actions and that order is restored at your local McDonalds establishment.

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Build Your Traffic Exchange Downlines

ImageBuilding your downlines in traffic exchanges is simple really. It’s a matter of promoting multiple downlines with one link. For instance, instead of promoting only one TE splash page or squeeze page, you might consider using your blog to promote a few different traffic exchanges on one page. This way you can get more page views, showing more options, for people to consider. Remember, they are already trying to sell something. They don’t really want your product. However, you can help them grow their own business with free tips and business building tools.  Let this be your focus and hundreds of people will join your list. It never fails. You’re helping them help themselves.

Also place the code to your auto-responder in the side bar or in the post itself. You don’t want the post to be too lengthy, but chock full of information with which surfers can identify and use to help promote themselves or their brand. When you give them some good info, they are going to be interested in hearing more from you. They will be very likely to join your list.

You want your blog to look as nice as possible. Do NOT just throw it together. Eye appeal is half the battle in marketing online. Choose the nicest banners and blog apps and place them neatly on the page, so as to grab the full attention of traffic exchange surfers. If you can get them to stop for a second, they are likely to read, see what you have to say and join your list.

Place relevant links in the post, so as to capture the attention of the readers and invite them to join one or two of your favorite traffic exchange resources. Of course the goal is to get their email address, so you can promote all of them in an email series. With the email series, you can promote to them permanently. Plus, you can use html ads and promote on the back end of your campaign and never have to worry about not being able to reach them in the future.

These are simple yet specific instructions on how to win people over to your list and promote your downlines to them. You don’t just want them in your list, you want them actively surfing with you in all your favorite TE’s. This is how you gain residual traffic and income. When they are surfing, you are getting free traffic. When they upgrade, you earn commissions. It’s a win win here.

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Building Your Own Brand Online

There are many reasons why building your brand online is paramount among the essentials to internet marketing success. Without a marketing brand, you are just a person. Without a specific brand you are misunderstood. If we can’t specify our brand, we sure won’t know what to do with it. We will not share something yet undefined; and without networking, we cannot succeed online. But what is a brand?


Essentially, building your brand is causing your name or face to symbolize what you are trying to promote or share. When I see the name microsoft, I am reminded that I need a new computer. When I see the name Subway, I know I need to get some lunch. When I see Flo’s face, I remember I need to upgrade my cut-rate insurance policy. Brands permeate the dictates of our day to day life, as well as our long term futures.

It’s important to embrace, that if I don’t perceive branding and implement a legitimate brand in my marketing campaigns, I will NOT share them with anyone. But what makes a brand legit? Well, can they purchase what you are offering? Can they be a satisfied customer? Can I get a refund? If you answered affirmatively, then it can become a brand.

Put your face on it and start sharing it. Tell people about how important your product is. Write articles about it, make squeeze pages and collect emails into an auto-responder. Then create a massive campaign of immaculate email copies, to fill their email box with info on how effective your product really is. We are so inundated with brands, that we are not quite aware of it yet. This may be because we are living in a new era.

100 years ago, brands had nowhere near the effect they have on us now. We now allow ourselves to programmed by the brands we see all around us. Think about this the next time you throw a splash-page into a traffic exchange. Sure it is already a brand, but as a brand spokesperson your face needs to be trusted; your name needs to be recognised. If I took a job as a vacuum cleaner salesman, I would need people to know my face and trust me before they buy from me. They need to believe that I’M legit!

Internet marketing requires vision. You need to understand that you are on the other side of the screen. You are what they see and they will look until they find you. Yeah I get that it’s the product, but they need to know a rep to keep coming back and to keep using your product. It really doesn’t work any other way. Begin building your brand and let people see that you are an authorized representative of your product or organization.


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What Is Surf Business

Surf Business is passive online business, that makes it’s way to success through link popularity, or website propagation. A website begins to develop natural traffic as we draw attention to that site through website content. Writing articles about your favorite affiliate site in a blog, like WordPress or a social network like Facebook, allows indexed exposure to your affiliate link.  We must create our own place in cyberspace and nothing else influences that space, but the content we create and it’s relevance to what we are trying to share.

Apart from website promotion, which improves seo, but takes time, we can also attract people to our pages through direct exposure in traffic generation websites, like traffic exchanges, safelists and text ad exchanges.  Here we view other websites by a site rotator and receive credits, so that others will view our site as well. In these kinds of sites, we need to promote traffic resources, in order to help others promote their own sites more efficiently. The reason for this is simple. People are promoting THEIR business, not yours; so you want to promote other traffic resources, to help them promote what they are already selling. Promoting other traffic resources improves traffic generation capacity in those traffic sites.


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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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