Building Your Own Brand Online

20 Jul

There are many reasons why building your brand online is paramount among the essentials to internet marketing success. Without a marketing brand, you are just a person. Without a specific brand you are misunderstood. If we can’t specify our brand, we sure won’t know what to do with it. We will not share something yet undefined; and without networking, we cannot succeed online. But what is a brand?


Essentially, building your brand is causing your name or face to symbolize what you are trying to promote or share. When I see the name microsoft, I am reminded that I need a new computer. When I see the name Subway, I know I need to get some lunch. When I see Flo’s face, I remember I need to upgrade my cut-rate insurance policy. Brands permeate the dictates of our day to day life, as well as our long term futures.

It’s important to embrace, that if I don’t perceive branding and implement a legitimate brand in my marketing campaigns, I will NOT share them with anyone. But what makes a brand legit? Well, can they purchase what you are offering? Can they be a satisfied customer? Can I get a refund? If you answered affirmatively, then it can become a brand.

Put your face on it and start sharing it. Tell people about how important your product is. Write articles about it, make squeeze pages and collect emails into an auto-responder. Then create a massive campaign of immaculate email copies, to fill their email box with info on how effective your product really is. We are so inundated with brands, that we are not quite aware of it yet. This may be because we are living in a new era.

100 years ago, brands had nowhere near the effect they have on us now. We now allow ourselves to programmed by the brands we see all around us. Think about this the next time you throw a splash-page into a traffic exchange. Sure it is already a brand, but as a brand spokesperson your face needs to be trusted; your name needs to be recognised. If I took a job as a vacuum cleaner salesman, I would need people to know my face and trust me before they buy from me. They need to believe that I’M legit!

Internet marketing requires vision. You need to understand that you are on the other side of the screen. You are what they see and they will look until they find you. Yeah I get that it’s the product, but they need to know a rep to keep coming back and to keep using your product. It really doesn’t work any other way. Begin building your brand and let people see that you are an authorized representative of your product or organization.


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